Anna Capillas

Attorney at Law

Anna Capillas was admitted to the State Bar of California after obtaining her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Santa Clara Univerity School of Law.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bob Jones University.

The first client she represented was a pastor who was the appointed executor of a will.  This representation led her to probate and eventually to drafting estate planning documents.

From estate planning, requests for immigration assistance brought Anna to help unite families via family petitions.  Later on, with a call to church planting with her husband, she helped with the establishment of a nonprofit religious corporation.  Today, she is an educator; and, given a compelling cause, she answers the call to assist with legal matters by way of consultation. As she has been a licensed real estate broker for many years, she also represents buyers and sellers– one client at a time.

Anna does not handle matters in court. She has honed her present practice, not to litigation, but to providing consultation with the belief that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”